Test Course: Exams and Stuff

Foundation + Practitioner Certificate Exam

Live Virtual Training – Participants will sit the exam online during the course. The exams are invigilated live by the ALC trainer and supporting staff. The online exam is run via the exam portal Test Invite and accessed via a web browser. 

Face-to-Face Training – Participants will be provided with a paper-based exam which is completed whilst at the course in the same venue of the course itself.

The exam is 2 hours in duration and comprises three parts. in Part A there are 75 questions worth 1 mark each. In Part B there are 5 questions worth 2 marks each & Part C there are 5 questions worth 3 marks each.  The pass mark is 65%.  There is only one correct answer to each question and no marks are deducted for incorrect answers.

The Cyber Security Foundation+Practitioner Certificate is issued to those who successfully pass the exam.

One free exam re-sit is available for each participant.



Testimonials – What Others Say

“A very interesting course and has provided an excellent foundation for helping improve security practices at my company. It’s also given me insights into future career paths.”
IT Portfolio Manager, International Charity, Sydney March 2017

Great course & lots of content. Peter was very good & made course content very relevant.
Security Analyst, International Bank, Sydney March 2017

Trainer is very experienced. The examples Peter showed were very interesting and relevant.
Manager, Business Services Support Team, Australian Bank, Sydney March 2017

“I thought the course was excellent – I think the interaction between instructor and students is a large part of being able to learn and understand concepts/ ideas especially with relevant examples. I think Peter did this well working with the class.”
Analyst, Banking, Sydney March 2017

“The course was excellent – content, process, style etc all very good.”
Assistant Director IT Systems, Govt Dept, Canberra June 2017

“Peter is an extremely knowledgeable instructor and exhibited the right personality for effective learning for students across a broad skill set. My thanks and appreciation to Peter for his time and effort during the course.”
Director, Dept Defence, Canberra June 2017

Thank you very much Peter, excellent material – very well presented.”
IT Officer, Govt Agency, Canberra June 2017

“Some topics were a refresher for me which is great. I wish I did this course much earlier in my role, I was able to understand majority of the topics as I had the experience. Course was a good speed for me and Peter took care to bring a lot of worldly experiences and analogies and examples.”
Information Security Governance Officer, Engineering and Infrastructure Services, Canberra June 2017

“Great introductory course covering a good perspective of the overall cyber security space.”
Project Manager, Private Consultant, Melbourne June 2017

“Peter is very experienced and I am very impressed how he communicated on a very digestible and clear format.”
CEO, Technology Services Provider, Brisbane July 2017