The benefits of in-house ITIL training

As one of the most well-known and internationally recognised frameworks for IT service management, there are many reasons why organisations choose to invest in the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

Integrating ITIL into your existing business processes can help your company eliminate redundancies, become more competitive and improve the overall quality of the service being delivered.

However, often one of the biggest barriers to successful ITIL deployment is education. If all the relevant employees within your organisation are not familiar with the nuances of ITIL, then you will be fighting an uphill battle towards achieving a return on investment.

The answer to this is in-house training, which provides everyone involved with a consistent and unified understanding of what ITIL is and why it is being utilised.

In-house training is a cost-effective and productive solution to ITIL education. Because it can be done at your business premises, it ensures that employees can receive the training they need without having to spend valuable time outside of the office.

What's more is that in-house training can be more strategically tailored to your specific business needs than traditional, out-of-the-box education programs. 

With in-house training, your tutor can tailor case studies and examples of ITIL best practices to the specific nature of your organisation. This ensures not only that employees get valuable experience with the ITIL framework, but also that they understand what's possible when utilising ITIL.

And because the training is happening in-house with trusted employees, as opposed to with business outsiders or even competitors, your employees can feel free to raise questions and examples that have otherwise be off-limits.  

ITIL training is most successful with groups of six or more, however this can be negotiated with your training provider as required.  

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