The four pillars of ITIL Capability

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Capability represents one half of the ITIL training program, with this branch focusing specifically on the process side of things – ensuring your IT infrastructure adheres to best practices in planning, management and validation, among others.

Like the individual modules in the adjacent ITIL Lifecycle stream, the four courses under ITIL Capability can be taken either as standalone qualifications or completed together. In addition, completion of the four Capability modules will pave the foundations to attain the ITIL Expert Certificate in IT Service Management qualification.

With each centring on a different but equally crucial aspect of IT service management, the courses provide a solid grounding for any IT professional – here are the four modules involved and what they entail.

ITIL Capability: Operational Support and Analysis

Focusing on resolution and support in the service management lifecycle, the ITIL Certificate in Operational Support and Analysis (OSA) will equip students with the skills and knowledge to apply OSA best practices in a range of key roles and functions. These include, for example, event management, incident management, problem management and request fulfilment.

Candidates will learn about the value of OSA activities to the overall business, as well as how these practices can optimise everything from the service lifecycle to business operations and performance.

ITIL Capability: Planning, Protection and Optimisation

With a heavy focus on security, this module covers the competencies involved in the planning, protection and optimisation of key business IT functions. Candidates pick up the service design and management skills needed to succeed in roles such as capacity management, information security management and demand management.

ITIL Capability: Release, Control and Validation

This course revolves around the various activities involved in ITIL release, control and validation. Candidates gain insight into using and measuring these processes, and their role in the wider scheme of the service lifecycle.

ITIL Capability: Service Offerings and Agreements

As the final corner in the ITIL Capability framework, this module covers service portfolio, catalogue and level management, and the importance of a good business case to SOA processes.