The necessity of security, risk and enterprise courses

Security within the IT sector needs to become a paramount consideration for businesses, especially given the substantial number of data breaches announced on a regular basis. These cyber attacks have the potential to cause significant financial and reputational damage to an organisation.

As such, IT security courses should become a priority for all levels of the organisation. Here are several training courses which enterprises need to consider to ensure effective security.


A number of organisations use TOGAF to improve business efficiency, and it can be an extremely useful framework when it comes to security as well. Using such a methodology for security can help enterprises to identify areas that are lacking within the IT structure.

TOGAF training takes users through realistic enterprise scenarios and provides enough information for users to gain certification.

SABSA Foundation

This is the most successful security architecture in the world, and can be extremely useful when it comes to best practice security solutions. By utilising SABSA, the security needs of an organisation are met in full, and ongoing support becomes substantially easier.

SABSA Advanced A1: Risk, Assurance & Governance is designed for security professionals, and can assist them in developing advanced competency in regards to business risk, assurance and governance structures. The skills gained here can be deployed in a number of situations.


Another exceptional security qualification, CISSP is based on the Common Body of Knowledge, which itself compromises 10 subject domains. These are compiled and maintained through a substantial peer review process which is managed by experts within the field.

The wealth of knowledge here can be vital when approaching new security issues within the organisation, as it can establish a strong framework for a combination of problems.

It's important to understand the importance of proper training, frameworks and knowledge bases when dealing with cyber security.

Often, systems are more secure and ongoing maintenance is a more manageable process.