TOGAF® 9 Level 1 & 2 Certificate Course: Sidebar Content

Fees per person

Combined 4-day course
Level 1 OR Level 2 alone (2 days each)

Course fee includes:

New & Improved Workbook

ALC’s NEW and super comprehensive workbook has recently been re-developed with an emphasis on enhancing the practical approach of training, as well as combining a mix of other teaching methods to deliver the content in the most comfortable, educational and entertaining way.

The new courseware has been developed taking into heavy consideration 5 years’ worth of previous participant feedback and ensures the participants requests have been addressed and integrated into the course.

This fully comprehensive and continuously reviewed workbook reflects the fast changing world – and suits all class sizes, providing the clients with exceptional value every time.

The Course Delivery

ALC’s 4-day TOGAF® 9 Course – level 1 & 2 goes more and more practical throughout the week with a very hands on teaching approach. Our facilitator ensures the clients are able to “think on their own” which is required by a certified level of applied knowledge < this is the focus of the level 2 exam.

Our trainers use contextualised videos and storytelling based on their real world experience as well as unique (sometimes tailored) exercises, applicative test questions, group scenarios as well as the official practice exams. The practice exams are held at the end of each level to maximise our participants understanding of the content and increase their chances of success in the official exams.