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Arni Hardarson


With over two decades of offensive security experience, Arni, currently serving as the Head of Assurance at Tesserent, boasts an extensive consulting background across all major sectors, both locally in Australia and internationally.

Adept at bridging the gap between theory and practice, Arni is a seasoned speaker, having engaged with numerous universities and TAFEs to share his deep insights into offensive security. His passion for education and industry progress is further showcased through his role as a co-founder of the Nordic Security Conference. Arni’s dedication to the dissemination of cybersecurity knowledge makes him a popular figure in both academic circles and professional communities, consistently advocating for cutting-edge security solutions and methodologies.

  • Good course with a lot of resources. Practical exercises to stimulate thinking and acting can increase its understanding and efficacy.

    Live Virtual Training, 2023


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