Understanding evolving cybersecurity threats

Organisations need to take the initiative and defend themselves against the full scope of modern cybersecurity threats, or risk malicious parties having a direct impact on their business and reputation. 

That's the message of high-ranking US cybersecurity expert Michael S. Rogers, who recently sat down with Trish Regan of Bloomberg Television to address the evolving nature of cybercrime and IT governance

According to Mr Rogers, the first step towards achieving greater cybersecurity is acknowledging that these threats exist. 

"When I look at the problem set, I'm struck by a couple things that I highlight with my business counterparts," said Mr Rogers, who serves as director of the National Security Agency and chief of the Central Security Service.

"Traditionally, we've largely been focused on attempts to prevent intrusions. I've increasingly come to the opinion that we must spend more time focused on detection."

Mr Rogers has emphasised that businesses and government agencies need to come together in order to combat modern cybersecurity threats, noting that this strategic partnership "is where we will become very powerful".

Although he was addressing a US-based audience, Mr Roger's words have implications for Australian organisations and IT professionals as well.

The 2013 CERT Australia Cyber Crime and Security Survey has revealed that Australian organisations are seeing a significant increase in cyber security incidents per annum. As a result, they are showing a growing awareness regarding the dangers that modern cybersecurity threats can pose.

With cybercriminals and cybercrime rings becoming increasingly sophisticated and organised, we can expect this trend to continue in the near future. IT professionals should take note of this fact, and think about how qualifications in this critical area will benefit them moving forward. 

Expanding your skillset by undertaking further training in evolving fields such as IT governance and information security is a great way to improve your value to your organisation while also improving your ongoing employability.