What is PRINCE2 and how can it help your organisation?

Are you a project management professional looking to expand your skillset and become a more effective leader?

Perhaps you are an aspiring project manager who wishes to gain a global qualification that will put you ahead of the pack when it comes to securing in-demand employment positions? 

Either way, you may want to consider investing in PRINCE2 certification.

What is PRINCE2? 

PRINCE2 is an acronym that stands for the second edition of the hugely popular project management methodology, PRojects IN Controlled Environments.

Some of the world's largest public and private sector organisations – including the UK and Australian governments – use PRINCE2 in order to ensure the successful management and completion of crucial business projects. 

One of the factors behind the success and popularity of PRINCE2 is its comprehensive and collaborative development process. Over the years, the PRINCE methodology has been updated and driven through practical utilisation and regular reviews with project management specialists.

Today, PRINCE2 is built largely around the rule of seven – seven key principles, seven themes and seven processes. Together, these 21 elements come together to construct a comprehensive and proven methodology to successful project management. 

Due to the thorough and detailed nature of PRINCE2, any project manager looking to become familiar with this methodology will want to consider in-person training courses. 

What options are available for people looking to learn PRINCE2?

A number of PRINCE2 training courses are available for those looking to develop experience and understanding in the theory of project management.

For interested parties with limited time to invest in this certification, two or three day foundation courses can provide a solid basis in PRINCE2. They are perfect for those looking to utilise and capitalise on this methodology, but who are not necessarily aiming to develop professional level knowledge.

More in-depth, five day practitioner programs are also available which offer project management professionals a comprehensive education and certification in the world leading PRINCE2 project management methodology.

Regardless of which course you choose, it's impossible to overstate the benefit of having access to a knowledgeable tutor with proven, hands-on experience in utilising PRINCE2.