What should you look for in a PRINCE2 provider?

If you've decided to undertake PRINCE2 training to achieve more effective project management, then chances are you need a skilled, experienced provider to actually deliver the course.

However, it's not as easy as simply signing up for a course – you need to select a provider that meets a number of criteria, including training location, reliability, ongoing support and course quality. Failing to do so (and going with a substandard provider) could mean you're left out of pocket and not actually up to speed with your desired framework.

There are several important areas to look out for when selecting a provider for PRINCE2 courses, but it's important to note that these are actually useful when choosing a provider for any sort of framework or methodology.

Let's take a look at what you need to look for so as to avoid issues, and come away with relevant training and ongoing support from the course provider.

What do I need in a PRINCE2 provider?

Here are the key considerations:

Ongoing support

It's all well and good to have a provider that supports you while you're actually undertaking the course, but you should also be looking ahead to once the course finishes. Post-course support can be extremely useful if you've got follow-up questions or concerns about the training you have received.

Framework value

When spending money on framework training, whether for your staff or yourself, make sure that it's worth the price. Quality often means a higher cost, but a good PRINCE2 provider should work hard to keep prices as competitive as possible whilst simultaneously delivering the necessary qualification.

Prioritising value when selecting a course will mean you're left with the best possible framework training.

Course reliability

There's no denying that PRINCE2 framework training will often come at a premium, especially if it's an in- demand course. As a result, you're not going to want to have the course dates pushed back or cancelled at the last minute. This is an issue that's compounded if you have to travel to a larger city to receive the training.

When selecting a provider, make sure you've looked into their past reliability to ensure that the pre-determined course dates will actually run on schedule.

Training location

This is a follow-on from the above point, but it deserves a separate mention. If you're looking for a PRINCE2 course provider, make sure you can access the courses easily for their duration.

Remember, in many cases a course will take several days to complete, so you'll have to plan for the entire trip. A good provider will offer courses in all major cities, with special options available to deliver them to other locations.

The value of PRINCE2

It's now time to start considering a PRINCE2 course, especially given the value the framework will provide over time. This is a course that can enable you to handle projects efficiently, regardless of how big they are.

If you've got to run a trade show for a week, for example, PRINCE2 can help to ensure that goes smoothly. On the other hand, if you need to host a small project within the business, with PRINCE2 it becomes substantially easier.

The key thing to understand with PRINCE2 is that it's flexible to both your requirements and the needs of the project at hand, making it useful on an ongoing basis.

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