Where can I take part in ITIL training?

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) offers the most renowned global approach to IT service management, drawing a set of best-practice frameworks from public and private sectors around the world.

It's able to help businesses (or professionals) align IT services with the needs of a company, and ensure IT is always used to facilitate transformation and growth within the organisation.

The question is, where can ITIL training courses be undertaken?

ITIL across Australia

ITIL courses are available from ALC Training across Australia, in most major cities. Here are the five cities where ALC Training hosts courses.


Taking part in an ITIL training course in technology-focused Brisbane is certain to be a suitable option for many organisations and individuals, as courses are located in the city centre.

If that location is difficult to reach, ALC Training also host programs in dedicated training rooms in Milton on the edge of the CBD.


The largest city in Australia is a constant hub of activity and developments, and that's likely why so many businesses flock to the region.

ALC Training facilities in Sydney are hosted in high-quality, purpose-built CBD facilities or even in hotels in the same area.


The capital is another part of the country that's home to a massive number of businesses, as well as government departments. An ITIL course here is hosted in quality venues both within the city and around the ACT.


The southern city is home to ALC Training courses in city-centre hotels, or alternatively city-centre training facilities. The options here mean organisations have the chance to take staff out of the office.


The westernmost Australian city is also home to ALC Training courses, and businesses and individuals can attend such events at quality hotels in the area.

Speak to ALC Training today if you'd like to find out more about ITIL and taking part in one of our comprehensive training courses.