Where could ITIL training take you?

Already scheduled are a number of ITIL training courses in Sydney and Melbourne, so opportunities to develop your knowledge and career are available to you today.

Undergoing training led by professionals with many years experience in this market can be a great way to improve understanding of your field, and aid your chances of finding employment in the Australian IT sector.

Whether deciding to brush up on core elements of the framework, or opting to take intensive training in several areas, ITIL courses are an excellent way to extend your expertise and open up new possibilities in your career.

As an analyst, engineer or programmer – just some of the roles in high demand on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) – knowledge of the essential aspects of IT best practice is a useful asset to underpin your work as well as aiding your recruitment search.

So which components of the course are best suited to your skill set?

Gaining a solid understanding of the ITIL Capability in terms of Operational Support & Analysis equips attendees with an understanding of the required activities and processes in a number of areas of event, problem and access management. This could be the ideal boost of knowledge and skills for those using software as part of their working practices.

Undertaking modules concerned with planning, protection and optimisation are essential for those responsible for business analysis and continuity measures. Managing capacity and availability in creating and implementing service design that performs well is a crucial part of many IT systems and requires individuals with the knowledge to carry out these procedures.

These are just two examples of the ways in which the modules of ITIL training could aid your understanding of this important framework, and in turn could lead to career development locally or further afield.