S.I.R.F Strategy, Information and Resources Framework

Design, adapt and optimise your capabilities in a complex, fast changing world.

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Welcome to Australia’s UNIQUE Strategic Information & Resources Framework training program!
An ALC exclusivity!

The world market will only need low skilled, mid skilled and high skilled jobs. And automation will take care of the mid skilled workforce… So, what are the high skilled jobs about?

  • Cognitive flexibility
  • Negotiation
  • Judgement and decision-making
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Coordinating with others (tools, capabilities and frameworks)
  • People management
  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking
  • Complex problem-solving

As a Project Manager or a Strategic Planner:

  • Have you ever felt that you had forgotten something important during your project planning?
  • Have you ever wondered where to start and can’t come up with an easy answer?
  • Or how do you ensure a logical progression throughout your process?

As a Staff member:

  • Have you ensured that your work aligns with the department’s vision and strategies?
  • Have you wondered how you can add value in one or more service domains?
  • Or what types of initiatives should apply and why (Create, Change, Maintain)?

The S.I.R.F. Certified Course

  • The S.I.R.F. is a proven strategic enterprise design and shaping tool for executives, managers, architects, and all business corps, which contribute to running the business successfully.
  • The S.I.R.F. methodology and framework is to be used in leading organisations to improve business efficiency.
  • The S.I.R.F. is a framework which consists of a thinking methodology and a diagram with guidance allowing the generation of bespoke artefacts and processes.

The diagram itself is mature and quasi-immutable but the framework however stays in tune with the contemporary work we live in and addresses issues we can be facing at some stage in our workplace.

It is essential to realise that as much as the S.I.R.F. is some sort of Swiss tool for strategising our work and life, it needs YOU as the capability required to build and customise it so it does fit just right!

The course is structured into 26 modules covering major subjects like what SIRF does and does not and how the S.I.R.F. simplifies and cements the application and optimisation of critical business tools.

Find out what strikes your interest and focus on that path to achieve the ultimate goal of Daniel Pinks 3 great motivators. The S.I.R.F. will help you chose the right path for you.

This course will answer such questions like:

  • So many choices out there, how do I keep the focus on the right target?
  • Is there some kind of unifying “equation” to address everything in the enterprise, in life, basically everywhere really?
  • Why the S.I.R.F. if we have all the other methods, frameworks and best practices already?

Our Trainers Make the Difference

  • Axel Dancoisne

    Axel is an Enterprise Architecture consultant, specialising in EA governance, business architecture/strategy and in setting up EA practices

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Learning Outcomes

Participants will acquire an understanding of:

  • The basic concepts of the S.I.R.F.
  • The core concepts of the S.I.R.F.
  • The key terminology of the S.I.R.F.
  • The S.I.R.F. continuous improvement cycle and the objectives of each capability, their value item and the 3 strategies to implement and preserve those capabilities
  • How each of the S.I.R.F. capabilities contribute to the success of the enterprise
  • How the S.I.R.F. enables and perfects governance, processes, infrastructure, information, service delivery, stakeholder management and partnership building.
  • How to apply the S.I.R.F. structure and usage in a complex environment.
  • How to integrate each module subject matter and speciality in their working environment using the S.I.R.F.
  • How to use the S.I.R.F. with Architecture Governance in development of an enterprise architecture capability
  • How to better apply some EA frameworks like TOGAF® in your enterprise using the S.I.R.F.
  • How to apply a performing and productive Stakeholder Management Technique using the S.I.R.F.
  • How to use the SIRF for better security implementation, control and reactivity across the enterprise
  • How to increase maturity through optimising capabilities using the S.I.R.F.

Who Should Attend

This training program is designed for anyone who requires a deeper understanding of how to build an enterprise and improve its productivity.  Typical attendance includes:


  • Individuals who require a deeper understanding of how to build an enterprise and improve its productivity.
  • System Integrators, Operational staff, Business and IT Developers, executives like CIOs and IT Managers, Program and Project Leaders, IT Specialists, Architects etc.
  • Professionals who are working in an organisation where several major strategic frameworks like TOGAF, PRINCE2, ITIL, COBIT etc. have been adopted, that need to interoperate with each other
  • Staff who need to participate in strategy, architecture, programs and projects initiatives successfully
  • Architects who will be responsible for developing architecture artifacts and want to maximise their TOGAF implementation
  • Architects and designers who wish to introduce the S.I.R.F. into their architecture practice
  • Business Analysts, Systems Analysts and Technical Analysts who want to career develop into enterprise architecture and strategic planning.
  • And for all professionals who just want to bring order into their business chaos.

Course Contents

1. Course Introduction

2. What is S.I.R.F?

  • Objectives
  • Rationale
  • Definition
  • Inputs
  • Structure
  • Outputs
  • Implementation

3. Defining Organisational Strategy combining SIRF with

  • Ansoff Matrix
  • ABCG Growth-Share Matrix
  • H&F Strategy Diamond
  • PEST
  • PORTER Value Chain
  • SWOT
  • T&W Value Disciplines
  • MoSCoW Method
  • Value management

4. Building and managing information combining SIRF with

  • Business Architecture
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • ITIL and SDI
  • SOA
  • Requirement Management
  • Program and Project Management
  • Risk and Security Management and WBISCT Asset Security Classification Management (SASAM©) tool
  • DevOps

5. Optimising limited resources combining SIRF with

  • Governance
  • Capability Framework / SFIA
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Stakeholder and relationship Management
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Maturity Models
  • Problem Solving and Structured Thinking
  • The course met the expectations brilliantly. The trainer is extremely passionate about the subject and the sessions prove that. The course material and the teaching have provided me with substantial confidence and knowledge to attempt the exam. Thank you ALC.

    Live Virtual Training | 2022



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Course fees

 This unique course is available for public or private presentation (either virtually or Face-to-Face). Contact us for a quotation.

The Course Delivery

ALC’s 3-day S.I.R.F. Course combines theory and practice throughout the week with a very hands-on teaching approach. Our trainer ensures the clients can “think on their own”.

Our trainers use contextualised videos and storytelling based on their real-world experience as well as unique (sometimes tailored) exercises, applicative test questions, group scenarios as well as the practice day case study.


There is no formal prerequisite to attend the S.I.R.F. course. However, some experience working in small or large enterprise has proven beneficial for a more thorough understanding.