Trainer Profile

Manisha Agarwal


Key Skills and Experience

  • Training development, delivery and workshop facilitation in Project Management environments, using PRINCE2 (world best practice in Project Management)
  • Consulting services in project management methodologies and improving project performance, including Project Health Checks, rolling out PMM, performance coaching of PMs
  • Workshop facilitation and advisory role in Programme Management, using MSP (world best practice in Programme Management), including courseware development
  • Business Development and client relationship management
  • Over a decade of Project and Programme Management experience in multiple areas within the FMCG industry, with extensive experience in Innovation development, managing complex and diverse projects
  • Proven leadership capabilities in revitalizing & launching products, restructuring systems & teams for improved performance

Recent Tasks & Achievements

  • Delivered a series of workshops in the areas of leadership & integration in society, for the Migrant resource Centres in western Sydney
  • Delivered coaching to multiple 1:1 clients ranging from corporate management professionals & small business owners
  • Created and established the first Innovation organisation team structure within Coca-Cola Australia; including contributions to the Cultural Change Management project
  • Launched the Innovation Showcase for The Coca-Cola Company in Australia – a breakthrough communication platform providing an audio/visual workshop; benchmarked for use within The Coca-Cola Company worldwide
  • Led the Packaging & Innovations Project Management team to successfully deliver 43 new initiatives in 18 months & significant cost saving initiatives, using the Revenue Growth Management principles (RGM)Facilitated workshops for implementation of PRINCE2 in private sector and government agencies
  • Consulting role in Government agencies –development of & advisory on Project and Programme support Office; health checks; implementation of PRINCE2 and MSP
  • Delivered multiple sessions of PRINCE2 training at all levels of organisations –Practitioner, Foundation, Project Boards, Project Teams, Executive Briefing – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra; Public and in-house courses
  • Generated $100K revenue in 10 months via on-selling from courses and client relationship management, for partner ATO (this was not a KPI for this role)
  • Manisha really makes the course very relatable to the principles and theories. Her approach of using live examples to demonstrate processes and themes really helps me to digest in a logical way as well as makes this experience fun (which I did not expect). Going into breakout rooms for group activities was good. Trainer's use of iPad to draw diagrams to explain concepts before we did the readings was very helpful. Enabled me to better grasp concepts and answer the practice questions. Trainer was excellent. This was the most engaged I have felt in a course delivered completely online. Her delivery was relaxed and very professional. She seemed very knowledgeable and had a lot of valuable experiences to share as examples.

    Live Virtual Training | 2023


Live Virtual Training

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